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Show recording magical Tone Shifte

July 10, 2019

Show recording magical Tone Shifte - MeloAudio

China's most popular and smiling American guitar hero, definitely not Neill Zaza.

In the twinkling of an eye, Neill Zaza's tour of 2019 has come to an end, and the unsuccessful guitar hero has come to MELO AUDIO for a special tour during this tour. He has specially recorded the demo videos of MeloAudio and Parkwood, and told you through the wonderful video: Tone Shifter Mega sound card. Let us first take a look at his wonderful performance.

Recording Guitar: Kiesel NZ624
Recording sound card: Tone Shifter Mega sound card

Below is the founder and chief engineer of MeloAudio Dr. Zuo and Neil Zaza exchange audio recordings about the Tone Shifter Midi sound card!

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About Tone Shifter Mega Sound Card

Tone Shifter Mega (hereinafter referred to as TS Mega) is a high-quality sound card product designed for electric guitar enthusiasts with performance control functions. While retaining the advantages of the product, it adds more user-friendly functions around the user's needs. design. Let everyone enjoy the sound.

• Asynchronous high-speed USB audio core, high-precision local clock
• Sample rate: 44.1/48, 88.2/96, 176.4/192 kHz, depth: 16/24 bit
• Onboard low noise condenser microphone phantom power and 47dB adjustable preamp with XLR input
• Balanced/unbalanced compatible low impedance line output with XLR output
• Compatible with USB-MIDI control and standard MIDI line MIDI control
• 8 nail control to increase control freedom
• 2 independent analog expression pedal input interfaces with on-screen instructions
• 6 common host modes including JamUp, Bias FX, KPA, etc.
• 2 can customize the host mode
• Dynamic range: 108 dB (A Weighted)
• THD+N: -93 dB
• Power consumption: 0.8 W
• Current: 0.15 A
• Weight 0.98 kg


"simple control"

For new users, the TS Mega has built-in 6 common host modes for guitars, 2 custom modes, including apps such as JamUp, Bias FX, and KPA, AXE and other integrated effects. Plug and Play, no need Extra settings.



"Private Custom Settings"


In addition to the default, TS Mega is also equipped with a custom mode, users can customize the control of TS Mega according to their own needs, to create their own exclusive equipment, practice, performance and other different occasions can also define the configuration, release their own.


"Reducing the cost of learning"

For those who first turned into electric guitars, there is a wide variety of singles, and the dazzling ones don't necessarily find their favorite sounds. Use TS Mega with JamUp, Bias FX and other professional apps, which have a lot of effects. The sound can be arbitrarily matched. At the same time, the app has a lot of guitar master's exclusive sound configuration, which can be downloaded and used for reference (requires scientific internet access), which greatly saves the cost of learning the single block.


"Professional sound card"


As a high-quality sound card, the TS Mega has a sampling rate of 192 kHz/24Bit for more realistic and detailed HD sound quality, and a dynamic range of up to 108dB allows you to hear more sound details. At the same time, the onboard low-noise phantom power supply, the full range is compatible with a full range of dynamic microphones and condenser microphones.

Directly as a high-quality sound card to use the effect is already outstanding, and for guitar users, TS Mega specifically optimizes the guitar output, the comprehensive performance of the sound quality is enough to return the fare, and at the same time these functions can satisfy the entire sound The system's professional level adjustments to maximize the effect.



"rich interface"


6.5mm interface, midi interface, USB interface, XLR interface, TS Mega has a variety of interfaces to choose from, multiple independent input and output, you want to practice with your friends, you can have; want midi control, you can have Want to connect the microphone, XLR interface or 6.5mm interface is compatible, the old microphone can also burst new ways; balanced line output interface, can let TS Mega directly access the mixer or amplifier system, no need for DI boxes and other peripherals, Instantly create the voice of your dreams.

"Double the number of nails and double independent expression pedals"


Stepping nails is an important tool for guitarists to switch sounds. TS Mega's unique performance control function is a prominent symbol of the TS series sound card. 8 independent metal studs, each of which can send MIDI control commands to switch software effect sounds. Two separate expression pedals are added to control the volume, wah effect and delay time parameters, allowing you to explore more ways to inspire more inspiration.



In addition, TS Mega has made a number of unique designs for microphone recording: integrated XLR Canon interface, built-in phantom power and adjustable speaker up to 47dB, compatible with condenser microphones and dynamic microphones. Whether it is instrument recording, guitar singing, vocal recording, mobile phone karaoke are all in the air.

The TS Mega is designed for ultra-low power consumption and works only with devices such as mobile phones, iPads, and computers. When used for a long time, it can be powered by an external mobile phone adapter connected to the micro-b interface.


"Lightweight and easy to carry"

The TS Mega is very portable and medium in size and can be placed in his outsourcing. Whether you are on a business trip or a show, you can travel with ease. TS Mega is designed for sound quality and enjoy what you want.

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