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The Story of Tone Shifter Mega Controller

July 19, 2018 2 Comments

The Story of Tone Shifter Mega Controller - MeloAudio

We designed and produced the first-generation TONE Shifter Mega controller in 2005, and it was just a simple MIDI controller used for popular desktop multi-effects at that time when software effects are not so popular. The next year we produced the TONE SHIFTER 2.0, which can directly be used for controlling software effects and hardware equipment. Then TONE SHIFTER 3 and 3s followed with added feature-audio interface. We first put forward the concept of combining audio interface and MIDI controller. Undoubtedly, these products surprise the people who are familiar with software effects. The sound that requires high-cost hardware gears now can be easily achieved in a laptop, an iPad, or even just a mobile phone with the coordination of our small device that less than 1 kg. Putting it into your backpack, you will find the world tour comes much more convenient. Taking it into the recording studio, you will get the excellent recording not inferior to the one produced by high-end rack units. All these definitely benefit from the rapid development of effects software and mobile device, but our improved audio interface and convenient MIDI controller also play an important role. Many friends who experienced it lavished their compliment with revolutionary and subversive words without stint. We were deeply touched and inspired, and finally got over all difficulties launching the latest product TONE SHIFTER MEGA (TS MEGA for short). Our prototype has been tried and experienced deeply by senior musicians and guitarists in every exhibitions. Here are the reviews we get.

“This is the best traveling gear for every guitarist!”

——An American guitarist in NAMM 2018

I have been playing guitar for 40 years, I use lots of gears from the big names, this is something so wonderful I have ever seen!

  • from a senior guitar player in Germany 2018 after 40-minute deep experience

We are deeply inspired and will continue to fight for researching more and better products for broad masses of music lovers.

TS MEGA MIDI controller inherits most function of another our product named MIDI COMMANDER. With MIDI control function, guitarist can easily switch the tone presets by foot when using software effects, advanced multi-effects, rack equipment and some guitar amps with MIDI control. It supports almost all the hardware gears with MIDI input jack and audio software with built-in USB MIDI function. To achieve more convenient control, we make HOST mode presets based on the target software or gears (here all called HOST). TS MEGA is also equipped with two customizable HOST modes. Meanwhile it adds two expression pedal inputs for controlling Wah and volume at the same time, increasing the flexibility and creativity. TS MEGA has a small size and weight while keeping the good usability, easy to carry on in live show and recording.


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