MIDI COMMANDER is a unique control device in the market, and it is a very special control pedal in the Tone Shifter series. It is convenient for the guitarists to control and switch the tone by using footswitch when they use the high-end devices (such as Software effects, advanced multi-effects, rack equipment and tube Amps with MIDI control). Besides most recording/effects software Apps, most hardware gears with MIDI IN jack can also be controlled. MIDI COMMANDER arranges normal control functions based on different HOSTs (software or gear who receive the commands) and pre-defined as HOST modes. In addition, it also has two customizable HOST that it is used to arrange self-defined MIDI control functions mapping with the footswitches. Also it has two expression pedal inputs, which control the Wah and the Volume to assist the flexibility and creativity of playing. It can be powered by 2x AAA batteries or USB, and it is also has the automatic charging function for chargeable batteries. (Requires special activation to avoid accidental charging or high current). This pedal design achieves minimum size and weight while keeping its usability. It can be used along with other audio interface or hardware devices for live show and recording.


Q1: For function of USB-MIDI, is there a driver needed of using in different operation systems?

ANoplug and play on each operating system.

Q2: How can I connect the device to iPhone or iPad for the using of software effects, such as Bias FX, JamUp?

A2: For all the iDevices with lightning connector, we need a cable which called “Lightning to USB camera adaptor” (May also be called as Apple OTG cable) to connect the standard USB plug with the lightning connector. After connecting, enable the MIDI control in the Apps. It can work together with any other audio interface to use software effects, you can connect by a USB Hub to join the audio interface and the MIDI Commander. An anther way is connecting to audio interface through MIDI IN jack (Such as TSMINi in Tone Shifter Series). It should be noted thatfor most Lightning OTG cables, it is required that the external device current should be limited.

Q3: What is the problem if the MIDI controller doesn’t work?

A3: Let us check the problem in several aspects. Firstly, check is the hardware connection valid, including whether the OTG cable or MIDI cable works. Then, if the MIDI channel for receiving equipment matches with the commander. When controlling software or hardware, please check whether the MIDI function of the HOST enabled or not. Last, check if the footswitches respond correctly, and the screen display shows normally.

Q4: Does the MIDI cable support the function of power supply?

A4: No, it doesn’t. It can supply power for redundant cables in MIDI cable, but it is nonstandard, and the devices which can support this method are few. The design of the pedal is convenient for many power supply ways And it is easy to supply power with USB port or batteries.

Q5: I don’t know MIDI controller, and if I really need this controller?

A5: Please refer to the first part of this manual. MIDI controller is the build-in function for many high-end gears and software. Only with MIDI commander, it can greatly play the function of gears and realize new usage scenarios. We can say MIDI commander is a creative tool for every electric guitar player, electric bass player, musician and producer.

Q6: Is there any recommendations on the expression pedal?

A6: Basically any standard EXP pedal will do a good job just make sure the connector for the EXP is a 1/4 inch 3 position plug. We have tested the followings may be a good reference.



Please click “Manual” in the navigation bar to the page where you can download the manual of three products.

Dec 05, 2018


Dear Customer,
We are sorry that there is no software to edit foot switches, which should be edited in setup mode. And now each button press is limited to one command. Combining a number of midi command on each button is a great advice, and our engineer is working for it in product up-gradation.

Dec 05, 2018


Do you guys have software for editing the foot switches?

Is each button press on the midi commander limited to one midi command or can you combine a number of midi commands on each button?


Dec 05, 2018


Where’s the online MeloAudio MIDI Commander user manual?

Nov 08, 2018


The midi commander works well with Roland FV50 volume pedal . Please make sure it’s the exp2 port that connects midi commander. And there is a switch is pedal’s flank, Please turn it on before use.

Oct 09, 2018

Todd Campbell:

You say that if you use an expression pedal with the Midi Commander you need a “1/4” 3 position plug…" I am not sure what that is. I have a Roland FV50 volume pedal (stereo) and I cannot get it to work with the midi commander. is a 3 position plug the same as a stereo plug?

Thanks for the help

Oct 09, 2018


Thanks so much for your appreciation on our product and now we add manual part. You can down load it freely.

Aug 31, 2018

Michaël WEN:

Good afternoon my friends in meloaudio! Recently I am intersted in your new midi commander and I am a user of Fractal Audio. Everythings on your products seem great but it is really strange that there’s no user mannual on your website. It’s inconvinent for user of customer to know how your product works and I found there’s nothing like the software on your pages. Hope you can upload the user mannual of your midi commander and I will be very happy to purchase one with the mannual included.

Aug 31, 2018

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