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MeloAudio MIDI Commander Guitar Floor Foot Controller



  • USB MIDI controller/ Stand alone MIDI controller.10 foot switches with easy-to-use Host Matching configuration
  • 2 expression pedal jacks for Volume and Wah control together. 8 Host presets including JamUp, Bias Fx, AXE FX, KPA etc
  • Two Custom Modes for Specified PC or CC Commands. Support up to 40 hours playing by using two AAA batteries
  • On-board charging function for rechargeable batteries
  • Compatible Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macbook, Andriod, Windows, AXE FX, VAMP Pro, MARSHALL AMP, Eventide H9, GT PRO, Timeline, H&K AMP, Keyboard, Eleven Rack, KPA, POD 2.0/XT

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    MIDI Commander is a full-featured MIDI foot controller that gives guitarists amazing flexibility and control. It is compatible with all MIDI controlled devices such as audio interface, guitar amp or racks that has MIDI-IN port. Ten foot switches and two expression pedal input meet the needs of the most demanding guitarists. MIDI Commander is compatible with all MIDI controlled devices, and delivers the flexibility, ease-of-use, and rugged reliability necessary to meet the needs of the most demanding professional players.


    Compact and portable, so you can easily slip it in your bag. It's also very user-friendly. 

    Compatible Devices

    Commonly Used Effect Software and Compatible Devices

    OLED Screen

    One large enough OLED screen includes all the info and can be read from any angle in darkness or daylight. Display USB-MIDI state, Battery state, PC#, CC#, EXP1 and EXP2.

    2 Pedal Inputs

    Two expression pedal inputs which control the Wah and the Volume to assist the flexibility and creativity of playing.

    Packing List

    Pick x 1
    USB Connect Cable x1
    MIDI Connect Cable x1

    USB-MID Controller

    Can be Connected with the Audio Interface and Computer. Meet the Requirements of Bandsman, Guitarist and Music Producer


    -Color: Gray

    -Net Weight: 0.90kg / 1.98 lbs

    -Gross Weight: 1.43kg / 3.15 lbs

    -Size: 28.6*11*4cm /11.3*4.3*1.6 inch

    How can I connect the device to iPhone or IPad for the use of software effects?

    We need a cable called iOS OTG cable to connect the standard USB plug with the connector. After connecting, enable the MIDI control in the Apps. It can work together with any other audio interface to use software effects, you can connect by a USB Hub to join the audio interface and the MIDI Commander. Another way is connecting to the audio interface through the MIDI IN jack (Such as TS MINi in Tone Shifter Series).

    Is this possible to have the midi commander send JUST midi notes to a program in the custom setting?
    Is there a way to set a custom value instead of 0-127 for each switch?
    How do I program the switches for banks after the first one?