MeloAudio Tone Shifter TS Mega Audio Interface w/MIDI Foot Controller




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Fast Delivery, but missing parts and difficult-to-understand user manual

Surprising, the delivery was really fast. Item built quality was really good and solid. However, the user manual was not easy to understand. Moreover, the adapter cable for iPad and iPhone was not included in the package.

Good pedal to cut down gear

Would love to get another bolume/wah pedal to reviw how both give you more capability to do both at same time would like to get one from melo audio to review it on my chanel

Loved it!

So awesome I even did a video about it!

Great solution

Works and sounds great. Took a little bit of tweaking to set up but that’s to be expected with all the features you get. Excellent customer support. I’m now up and running with Bias FX as my main rig. Also using Voxsyn and AUM which was one of the main reasons I bought this. So cool to be able to mix guitar and synth sounds together and switch everything from the one unit. Lots of nice touches like the ‘Thank You’ when you open the box. Highly recommended!

Works well, easy to program

I was searching for a compact midi controller that would work for the Avid Eleven Rack, which I use for live shows. Because of its small size, I decided to take a risk on this one and its matching expression pedal. While this controller doesn't come pre-programmed for the 11 rack, there are two easily accessible custom modes that are pretty intuitive to program--though to be honest the manual is thin and not well written. The lower four buttons can be set to PC, which lets me scroll through four rigs per bank (in order). I have the top four buttons are set to send CC, which I've assigned to my most used effects. The whole thing is not much bigger than three full size pedals and fits very nicely on my small pedal board. It appears to be well constructed and the screen is easy to read. I've had a chance to use it live in three shows now, and I'm very happy with it.

  • Professional quality:armed with 192kHz/24-bit audio quality and innovative connectivity,the Tone Shifter Mega aimas to be a flexible solution for guitar players to record or play live with the incredible software or APP such as Bias,JamUp,Garageband and so on.TS Mega adopts a high-performance audio codec that can realize 192kHz/24-bit sampling. The dynamic range can reach 112 dB AND THE THD+N can be as low as-100dB.
  • Made for iOS,Mac,Windows,Andriod: with the Tone Shifter Mega auido interface, guitar player can transform their iPhone/iPad, computer into a powerful guitar amp and effects rig, and control their favorite guitar APP or software on stage and in the studio with the foot switches.
  • A variety of Inputs: TS Mega has L Input for guitar/bass,R Input for dynamic microphone and one XLR Input for condenser microphone. The L Input has intergrated an analog guitar boost module,the moudule help to improve the tone of guitar. The R input is designed for dynamic microphone.The XLR Input is perfect for condenser microphone. It can provide 12V low noise phantom power for the condenser microphone.
  • Durable and functional: TS Mega will send out MIDI CC signal to control the software effect while guitar player stomping the foot switches.TS Mega can also work as USB MIDI controller or Stand alone MIDI controller. TS Mega has some default Host Configuration for popular software or racks such as Bias,JamUp,KPA,AXE.The users can also custom assign the foot switch in the learning mode. Two expression pedal jacks to control wah,volume or other effects at the same time.
  • Be powered by all: No batteries or external power required for any of the above features. To charge your iPhone,iPad,or iPod touch(or reduce power consumption for compatible Android devices)while you play, add a standard mobile phone adapter for power supply. More fun:TS Mega has fully balanced L and R output and XLR output.Besides TS Mega has intergrated 200mW earphone amplifier fro earphone output. Guitar player can easy monitor by avoiding annoying your neighbor or family.
  • Only in Windows system that we need to install proper ASIO drivers (download link: achieve low latency recording and monitoring, or software effects. The device can be used on Mac OS, iOS, and Android just when plugged.

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