No sound with TS Mini and Overloud THU mobile

Jun 16, 2020 - 9:35 PM

  • Anyone with this problem ? The input signal of the guitar works just fine, also I see the output bar working too, but no sound.... Any ideas ? With my IRig HD 2 works just fine....


  • I have the same problem. With iRig HD 2 it's alright.

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    • First look at the OTG cable connection. If successful, dock message will be shown in the General-> about menu of iDevice.

    • Important: Make sure the iDevice is not in mute, and the total outputs (controlled by the physical +/- keys) is above 80%.

    • When OTG checked, open any music player App and play a song. The music should come out of the external audio interface other than the iDevice. This confirms the audio outputs.

    4. Connecting guitar input, make sure the physical L or R input is matching the software settings. Note IN1 is always refer to Left for any software. Also note that TS MINI guitar input is mapping on the R input. After physical connection checked, open the guitar effects APPs such as JamUp. Play guitar and check whether the Green signal lights on the up right bar of the main page. If no, check next step.

    • There are two possibility that the iDevice seems do not taking any inputs from the external audio interface even though the lightning connection is ok. The first one, goes to the system setup of the iDevice, find the target APP in the below list and entering in. Make sure the Microphone access is enabled. This is the overall input gate of the APP. It could be OFF when forget to allow it the first time open the APP. The Second reason is a more hidden problem. The iDevice system input volume settings (It is not shown anywhere in system setting) maybe turned down or closed by other software while the user don't know. We can open Garage Band (quit all other audio apps) and goes into an audio recording page where we can see the input bar settings in the left and the output bar settings in the right of the screen. If we connected an external audio interface to iOS successfully, there will be a round adjustment handle shown in the input bar. We should drag the handle of the input bar up to its MAX level (See the following figure) and then quit Garage Band. After doing this, all other audio software or effects software should be able to take in inputs correctly.