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About us

But enough about us, let's talk about us…

It all began in a small town in Beijing. Not just a small town, but a mysterious oriental dragon - an innovative legacy. A place known as the world's mysterious ancient country is known for its rapid development. And it is one of the most innovative companies in the music industry - meloaudio.

Company Profile 

In 2006, a school band was rehearsing in Tsinghua Unversity using multi effects gears with no foot pedal. "We need something to switch the tone more easily, look at this MIDI port, we can do something through it !" said one of the guitar player as well as an electronic engineering student. The first generation of Tone Shifter 1.0 was born one month later. And after that, Tone Shifter 2.0, 3.0, 3s were come out and the little band was rehearsing by software effects using computer and their self-built interface and controller. It makes so different as guitar gears at that time. The MeloAudio team with all music and technology lovers was founded and a serials of new products came out.

Although that's a pretty simplified version of how MIDI COMMANDER came to be, it reflects the driving philosophy behind all of our products: give musicians the tools they want/need to be creative and productive. Recreate classic legendary products in the digital world and make them available to all musicians. But make them simple. Make them both inspirational and affordable. And make them for Musicians First.

look familiar?

We have participated in many exhibitions on audio equipment.

We have participated in many exhibitions on audio equipment.This is some photos of our exhibition, maybe you have seen us.

Product history

Where in the world?

MELOAUDIO is a multinational company headquartered in Beijing, China. Our business units operate in eight countries: Italy, USA, UK, Japan, Canada, Germany, France and Spain.

Our products are sold in over 120 countries with a network of 2,00 resellers and used by millions of musicians worldwide.

The hard (ware) way

Meloaudio manufacturing electronic hardware accessories for computers in 2006 and in 2010 evolved into the production of app-enhanced iOS accessories. To make sure you can actually get these great products, IK now operates a new electronics manufacturing facility headquartered in Modena, Italy that is fully equipped for hi-tech manufacturing using SMT technology.