We designed and produced the first-generation TONE Shifter Mega controller in 2005, and it was just a simple MIDI controller used for popular desktop multi-effects at that time when software effects are not so popular. The next year we produced the TONE SHIFTER 2.0, which can directly be used for controlling software effects and hardware equipment.

MIDI COMMANDER is a unique control device in the market, and it is a very special control pedal in the Tone Shifter series. It is convenient for the guitarists to control and switch the tone by using foot switch when they use the high-end devices (such as Software effects, advanced multi-effects, rack equipment and tube Amps with MIDI control). 

TS MINi is one of the hero products in Tone Shifter Serials. As a high resolution audio interface, it combines many useful functions for recording and live playing in its potable size and simple connection. Instruments like electric guitar and high-end condenser microphone can be used at the same time connecting to TS MINi. 


Q: Is there a driver needed of using in different operation systems?
Q: How can I connect the device to iPhone or iPad for the using of software effects, such as Bias FX, JamUp?
Q: I don’t know MIDI controller, and if I really need this controller?
Q: What is the problem if the MIDI controller doesn’t work?
Q: I’m a bass player, can I use it?