MeloAudio EXP-001 Foot Wah&Volume Expression Guitar Pedal for Guitar & Bass Players



  • Ultra-smooth pedal movement for the utmost in comfort and control
  • Small size for better placement on the effector mounting plate
  • The pedal shaft is designed with damping. When it is not stepped, it will stay at the specified angle.
  • The EXP-001 Pedal delivers precision response and smooth action in a durable cast aluminum housing. Rubber pedal for comfortable play and non-slip action
  • The EXP-001 Pedal is compatible with any model or brand of effect that features a stand TRS expression input, such as TS MEGA, MIDI COMMANDER, Fractal AXE Fx2, KPA(Kemper profiling amps), ZOOM G1 G2 G3 G5 G7, Line 6 HX Stomp,Digitech RP360, etc.

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Type: Guitar Pedal

Customer Reviews

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“Tesla” of control pedals

Innovative, ergonomic, great quality, fast and painless delivery. Highly recommend.

So Awesome I even did a video about it!
Great product

The product has excellent build quality, works pereftly. Recommend to buy directly from manufacturer. Shipping is great.


I've been searching for a small pedalboard friendly sized expression pedal to replace a borrowed Hotone Wah/Volume/Expression. This is about 5mm longer than the hotone and the same width (when taking in to account the jacks on each side of the Hotone). It has the identical height and travel as well. It's about 10mm thinner and lower than my Dunlop mini. Both those pedals also have other functions besides the expression (which I don't need) and run at 2-3times the price. The EXP001 is not quite as tall as other similarly priced expression/volume pedals available online. It's solidly built but still very lightweight. It has a stiffer resistance than other pedals I've used, but I quite like that.

When I first plugged it in I had an issue with the full sweep happening in the lower 20% of the pedal. But this was easily resolved by swapping the Tip & Ring connection on one end of a TRS cable. It now works perfectly, and has a nice sweep/taper/resistance. The pedal is advertised as potentially only reaching 95% of the sweep, but I've found that it seems to go the whole way perfectly without any adjustments.

The packaging is almost Apple level slick. I ordered mine directly from MeloAudio and received a generous discount. I was shocked that it arrived on my doorstep in Australia via AmazonPrime only about 30 hours after placing the order (in USdollars with a Chinese company). I've NEVER had any product ordered online delivered that quickly. Superb product and service. Couldn't be happier.

Sidenote: It has 4 rubber feet glued on the bottom and 6 small protruding screws. I want to attach it to my pedalboard with velcro. The rubber feet are very firmly attached but easily removable and the screws pose no problem once the velcro is attached as with some other mini expression pedals I've considered. At this price I'm tempted to buy a second one and sell my Dunlop

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