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MeloAudio Guitar Looper Pedal Loop Effects 10 Minutes Looping Time Loop Station 9 Loops 40 minutes Record Time with USB Cable for Electric Guitar Bass Drum

  • Looperguitar pedal has 9 loops, with a single loop recording as long as 10 minutes, the total recording time is 40 minutes, supporting unlimited superposition recoding.
  • Simple Operation: Onefootswitch controls to record, playback, overdub, undo, redo, stop and delete via different foot commands. Single-knob operation sets loop playback volume.
  • Professional sound quality and Analog-Dry-Through design with 48K/24bit sampling rate, lossless, Built-in high sensitivity tuning function. Continuous switching will not cause discordant interruption between the phrase.
  • Solid Construction: Super mini size, made of aluminum alloy, convenient and durable; Colorful Led screen displays the recording or playback, progress bar, loop number and tuning status. (The power adapter is not included)
  • MeloAuido Loopers can Import/Export the music to/from Windows/Mac OS PC easily with USB for uploading/downloading wav loop files, connecting external pedal, Windows system don’t need to install any additional software and drivers.  

Customer Reviews

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Great looper

This is a simple-to-use, solid pedal. It was so easy to set up and use. It's helping me practice soloing over chord progression loops. It's a lot of fun. I'm a beginner-intermediate player and this is the best learning tool to get to the next level. I've just had it a week and it seems solid... I hope it holds up because I'm using it a lot. My pedal came with a power supply which was nice. You've got to get one. I haven't tried looping drum tracks but that's next up

What is Midi Control

The full name of MIDI is Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Compared to MIDI Control, the concept of MIDI computer music may be more familiar to most musicians and producers. Essentially, both MIDI Control and MIDI tones transfer a small data to computer or mobile devices, then translate the received data into musical notes, or control message to make a preset change. If it is a MIDI note, it will be synthesized by computer to play music. If it is control message, the HOST received it will take the action which is pre-defined, such as patch switching.

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Fix freeze!

Please kindly click and download the package above to update the program of midi commander if you meet “freeze” problem in use or not. The updated program solves this problem and provides more stable and smooth use experience.

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