MeloAudio MIDI Commander Guitar Floor Multi-Effects Portable USB MIDI Foot Controller Foot Switches



  • USB MIDI controller/ Stand alone MIDI controller.10 foot switches with easy-to-use Host Matching configuration
  • 2 expression pedal jacks for Volume and Wah control together. 8 Host presets including JamUp, Bias Fx, AXE FX, KPA etc
  • Two Custom Modes for Specified PC or CC Commands. Support up to 40 hours playing by using two AAA batteries
  • On-board charging function for rechargeable batteries
  • Compatible Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macbook, Andriod, Windows, AXE FX, VAMP Pro, MARSHALL AMP, Eventide H9, GT PRO, Timeline, H&K AMP, Keyboard, Eleven Rack, KPA, POD 2.0/XT

    Collections: MIDI Commander, Tone Shifter

    Type: Audio Interaface

    Customer Reviews

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    Unable to change snapshots in Helix

    Love everything of this unit but the impossibility to change CC values to control snapshots in Helix. Is there any way for you to develop a firmware update and include this functionality? That for shure would change my rating to 5+.

    Review with Helix HX Stomp

    I wanted to share my thoughts on how the Midi Commander works with the HX Stomp. This is overall a solid midi controller with solid metal construction and compact size (about the size of 3 or 4 stompboxes side by side). There are some thoughtful touches such as an LCD screen and onboard battery charging. 8 of the footswitches are customizable, but the two on the far right are coded to move preset banks up and down (the switch can be setup to move 4, 5, 8, or 10 presets at a time with a max ability to move through 32 presets) and cannot be customized to do anything else. The default setup has the bottom 4 footswitches to select presets and the top 4 footswitches for stompboxes. Dedicating a switch to toggle through modes is not possible using a midi subparameter (you can only set CC or PC#). You can however set FS4 and 5 to be controlled by MIDI and then set on HX Stomp to have FS 4 or 5 to be a Tap/Tuner, Bank Up/Down, Preset Up/Down, Snap Shot Up/Down, FS Mode L/R. If you decide to dedicate FS4 or 5 to do these commands, remember you will lose that function as a footswitch, though each stompbox can be assigned using a discrete MIDI number using HX Edit so as long as that number is not in use. Also remember whatever you set on FS 4 or 5 on Midi Commander will also replicate the same command on the FS4/5 EP1/2 jack. So all this is because Midi Commander cannot assign subparameters (it's either 0/127 or 0/64). Another drawback is the footswitches makes an annoyingly loud clicking sound. All in all though I think with some work around this controller does exactly what you want it to using the HX Stomp. It would be nice for the future to tone down the clicking sound and to possibly open up the bank footswitches to make them customizable.

    starsNice product. not customizable enough for my specific needs.

    The pedal is well built and feels nice, very solid. All metal housing. Tiny screen is surprisingly easy to read. Easy to set custom parameters.

    Sadly I've returned mine.
    It can't map PC or CC commands in the very specific way that I needed which was to control a loop pedal.

    PC only works sequentially like PC 0-7, one after the other, going from PC 1 to PC 50 means required bank changes.
    CC commands can't have a specific data field value. For example: button 1 CC3 value 115, button 2 CC3 value 118, button 3 CC3 value 5.

    It seems like it'd be a fairly easy addition to add a custom order, non sequential PC mapping mode and a specific data value for midiCC messages.

    If an update fixes it, will buy again immediately.

    Perfect for Marshall DSL40CR

    Great substitute for the elusive PEDL 91016. Mode switching right out of the box. Small tweaks to enable loop and master volumes. A winner!

    Great product.

    This midi controller exceeded my expectations. Works well, looks very tough and priced reasonably. What’s not to like?

    What is Midi Control

    The full name of MIDI is Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Compared to MIDI Control, the concept of MIDI computer music may be more familiar to most musicians and producers. Essentially, both MIDI Control and MIDI tones transfer a small data to computer or mobile devices, then translate the received data into musical notes, or control message to make a preset change. If it is a MIDI note, it will be synthesized by computer to play music. If it is control message, the HOST received it will take the action which is pre-defined, such as patch switching.

    Manual download

    Fix freeze!

    Please kindly click and download the package above to update the program of midi commander if you meet “freeze” problem in use or not. The updated program solves this problem and provides more stable and smooth use experience.

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