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MeloAudio MIDI Commander Guitar Floor Multi-Effects Portable USB MIDI Foot Controller Foot Switches

  • USB MIDI controller/ Stand alone MIDI controller.10 foot switches with easy-to-use Host Matching configuration
  • 2 expression pedal jacks for Volume and Wah control together. 8 Host presets including JamUp, Bias Fx, AXE FX, KPA etc
  • Two Custom Modes for Specified PC or CC Commands. Support up to 40 hours playing by using two AAA batteries
  • On-board charging function for rechargeable batteries
  • Compatible Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macbook, Andriod, Windows, AXE FX, VAMP Pro, MARSHALL AMP, Eventide H9, GT PRO, Timeline, H&K AMP, Keyboard, Eleven Rack, KPA, POD 2.0/XT

    Customer Reviews

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    Brandon Ernest Koch Webb
    Needs an update - Cannot change Midi +/-

    I can't believe that you really cannot map out your own midi commands with this device. You can do standard stuff but you can't do +/-
    Update your software... can't even use this.

    John Smith
    Needs an update - support your product please !

    Cannot set up each switch with a PC number. For a midi controller it should allow each switch fir every bank to be set up exactly how you want it with specific PC # assignable to each switch. All it will do in each custom mode is allow you to set ALL switches to either sequential PC# and will transmit to ONE midi device only over one channel. It has limited functionality and unless you want to use it for one device and you want to remember all the preset patch numbers on your host effects unit which you should not have to do with MIDI, it’s basically of no use to me. Frim the advertising, I understood this was a FULLY customisable fully functioning but compact midi foot controller. I bought this to control several midi equipped guitar effects units and am really disappointed in it as it will only transmit to one and will leave you tap dancing still due to not being able to set up a switch to do what you want to control multiple devices like what the behringer can do. I believe that all it needs is a firmware update, and that the company are well capable of providing this, but just can’t be bothered to support what should be an excellent product. They are happy to sell it with a poorly written manual but have basically abandoned the product support now and don’t care about having some upset customers.

    Santiago Molares
    changing banks, change the preset too.

    I”m used to adapt to the gear i own. Nevertheless i find it cumbersome to have to remember, or build my patches, every time i use the MIDI Commander of this awkward behavior. I expect Melo Audio to correct this issue, which if i knew at first i would think twice about purchasing, ASAP. That didn”t happen, so it just lays put like most gear that sucks the fun out of playing. Other than that great piece of gear for the iPad musician, sturdy enough, reliable enough... it made me regret selling my FC1010 to be true.
    If anyone knows about any recent firmware update that could take care of the CHANGING OF PRESETS WHEN SELECTING BANKS, i would appreciate.

    Claudio Molina García
    Increíblemente bueno

    Amo este producto. En cuanto lo recibí pude probarlo y de forma intuitiva ya estaba funcionando con mi software y guitarra - I just fell in love with Meloaudio, sleek user experience driven design at its finest!

    Might be complicated to set but works beautifully

    A very cool product overall. The body and the build quality looks very sturdy and reliable. Has old schoolish set-ups but provides great variety for making a desirable preset. However it's not very easy to understand how all the setups work without videos of bloggers promoting this device, the pdf instruction provided with the product is compact, which is good, but not easy to grasp if you haven't seen no videos beforehand.
    I bought it to use with Ableton for DAW control and for guitar plugins preset controls but initially had troubles and was experience was disappointing. Only a few of plugins were able to receive the CC commands. Ableton Live was seeing MIDI input but failed to recognize them with MIDI Learn routine. Everything began working properly only after downloading the diver from the site manual page, under "Is there a driver needed of using in different operation systems?". Turns out it requires one to be installed, even though I don't remember seeing anything about ASIO or driver in the manual and it states the opposite in manual: "Using USB cable directly connect PC like WINDOWS/Mac OS, and it can be identified by the system without driver."
    It also states that almost any expression pedal will do and it's truth, my MOOG pedal works just fine but it might be noted to watch for a phase switch on the pedal for it to function properly.

    What is Midi Control

    The full name of MIDI is Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Compared to MIDI Control, the concept of MIDI computer music may be more familiar to most musicians and producers. Essentially, both MIDI Control and MIDI tones transfer a small data to computer or mobile devices, then translate the received data into musical notes, or control message to make a preset change. If it is a MIDI note, it will be synthesized by computer to play music. If it is control message, the HOST received it will take the action which is pre-defined, such as patch switching.

    Manual download

    Fix freeze!

    Please kindly click and download the package above to update the program of midi commander if you meet “freeze” problem in use or not. The updated program solves this problem and provides more stable and smooth use experience.

    click to download

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