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MeloAudio Tone Shifter Classic Delay Guitar Effect Pedal with True Bypass Full Metal Shell

  • Pure analog circuit delay.

  • It is warm, clear and old shool, feel like the tape dalay.

  • 3 control knobs: F.BACK-- control the feedback of dalay sound from 0-100%, ECHO--adjust the level of the delay sound, TIME-- adjust the delay time of the effect (up to 530ms). 

  • With LED light for indicating different states of the effects. True Bypass switch, DC 9V adapter power supply.

  • Full metal shell compact design with small-sized


Customer Reviews

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Busta Speeker
Melo Audio ADL Play Analog Delay

Fantastic pedal! It sounds very analog, and more importantly it somehow generates that elusive "feel" of analog tape delay, but without the pitch-wobble endemic to tape-based echoboxes. Quieter, too. In fact, background noise is nearly inaudible. It is quiet enough to be used as a channel insert on my recording 'board, and actually excels on vocals! I was going to only give it 4 stars, because it only goes to a half-second at its' longest delay setting, and that it doesn't go into echo-repeat overdrive (you know: the 50's sci-fi movie sound effects of UFOs coming, oh nooo!!....RUN!!!), AND that the white paint over the yellow is practically unreadable on a dark stage, but then I remembered how much I DIDN'T have to pay for it.
Bottom Line: If you're looking for a very clean slapback-type echo, and don't need runaway spaceship sound FX, you could do a lot worse, and $pend a lot more ca$h doing $o....... just my dos pesos.

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